Demo Login

Before you look at the “Backend” Administrator functionality please be sure you have reviewed the example content included in the MENU Pages of this FUNREZ DEMO Site to see what you can present to your visitors and change as an Administrator. Your choices include Custom Booking Forms (e.g. Tours), Calendar, Event List, Events, Event Grid and Venues.

When you are ready to experiment with setting up Venues, Events and Tickets please answer the following Chapcha Question and Begin. Don’t worry, you can’t break anything because you will be in your own “SandBox”. Keep in mind your Sandbox will be deleted when you close your browser. So you will need to Login again and start fresh if you want to play in a Sandbox more.

After you click the “Try the demo!” button below there will be a delay while your SandBox is being built. Please be patient, it will be worth the wait! When your SandBox opens, click on Event Espresso at the top and it will open a Left Panel that has the various Functions you can do as an Event Ticketing Administrator. There is a Tutorial that automatically displays for some Functions to help you understand how things work. If you want to terminate the Tutorial early Click the “X” in the upper right of a Tutorial Box.

The Custom Forms Function shows under Contact.

You will not be able to change some content we created in the SandBox, but you will be able to add your own NEW content. If you work with some of our data you will get a “restricted permission” message.

Contact us anytime if questions. Thank You for your interest.